It is rightly said that success cannot be owned; it can only be rented, and you pay the rent every day in the form of hard work. After witnessing a grand success in helping people learn dance in their own studio, the team of Middle Class Boys (MCB) are here dreaming for the big.Behind the curtains of MCB is a man who as a young kid, was laughed at when caught secretly watching kids learning to dance. Anthony Terence is today busy teaching people to dance in his own studio. And as anyone can guess, the journey to here, was not an easy one. Presence of a guide or a mentor can help achieve one’s goals in half the time. On the contrast, lack of a guide can greatly multiply the time taken which comes as a result of fighting the odds and learning every bit, the hard way.
The team of MCB was conceptualized and founded based on one principle – identify and promote the talent of dancing and script writing, by people from lower middle class of the society. These are the Boys who are as talented and as capable as anyone else with backing from the film industry. A team where actions speak louder than words and a team that dreams to catalyze, the ongoing spectator fueled revolution for change in the dynamic Kannada film industry. It is a team that is built with creativity as its cornerstone and the love to induce innovation, as its pillars.
In this fast paced almost mechanical life, human needs have rapidly evolved. A pursuit of such needs has left most of us with very less time to spare on other activities and even pursuing our passions. At a time like this, the team of MCB stands an epitome of hard work and dedication to pursue one’s passion. With no one to help, guide and support, Anthony on his own had to carve out a path. And as a next baby step, the team is now ready with their first rap song which they believe would definitely be an interesting experience to the fun starved audience.